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Originally Posted by Grant968 View Post
So why is it that Splashtop can automaticaly link between iPad and PC when on different networks and BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi cannot? The difference is effort into making a good product. I expect that the investment by BBQ Guru involves about two weeks of competent programming at say $100 and hour; namely 80x100, or $8K tops. At $450 per cyberQ including fan or Power Raptor as I have, that translates into about 18 units; considering their profit point perhaps 36 units sold.

Appears that BBQ Guru management has indeed changed since the death of its founder.
Splash top uses tons of server-side infrastructure to make that possible. They even proxy for connections (like mobile) that don't allow incoming. How would you connect to a guru that has no outbound net connection? Totally different from the guru, although I agree they should have built all the graphing etc into the device directly..

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