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Hello Lads,
I've not been on this forum in quite a while. However, my fancy schmancy Jenn Air grill stopped working and I was going to buy a new regulator for it today as a test. Last night, my wife and I were picking up a few things in our suburban Atlanta Kroger and on display were several of these smokers for $329. I was intrigued and did a little web searching and found this thread along with the Kamado Guru forum. Today, as I went to buy a regulator (that's secret code for Akorn Kamado), I bypassed my Home Depot which is only 1.5 miles away and headed for Lowes. They had one on display and none on the shelves. Upon checking with a sales person, he determined that there was one left in a box. By this time, my wife had caught up with me. Normally, she would have slapped me into some sort of sensible thinking and talked me out of buying one. This time she didn't. Instead, she really outsmarted me and said why not try the regulator first and then come back and buy this if that does not work. I did and the darn regulator worked. So, I'll sit on the fence a little longer and maybe Lowes will put these on sale. Afterall, the JennAir grill is almost 8yrs old and can't last forever. I did pay a lot of $$ for it, so I'll milk it just a little longer. I really only want the Kamado for grilling purposes and pizza. I have another fancy cabinet smoker with an Auber PID controller that holds 225F for as long as I want. I use an Amaz-N-Smoker pellet smoker inside that thing and it does a great job. I will eventually have one of these.
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