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Originally Posted by humblegriller View Post
How exactly do you get the one-touch system off? I can't figure it out.

I bought a party-q and installed it where I thought it would work best, but now one of the blades hits the inside portion of the adapter. I want to take that blade off so I can cut and reshape it to clear yet still seal.
I have to remove my blades too, so I called Weber for instructions. In a nutshell ... it's a b!tch. You have to push really hard on the little washer on the bottom (outside) of the bowl so that the handle will slide out. Good luck with that, especially if your rig is newer. The mechanism is put together really tight, and getting the handle out is the hard part on a newer unit. Then you turn that "H"-like thing on the inside of the bowl, and it all comes apart. I'll be taking a run at it this afternoon.
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