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Wampus, thanks. I agree with you about it being hammy. They are not too salty but turned out good in an unexpected way for me. I've found a few threads here and at other bbq forums that talk about a cured/brine smoked chop that is hammy. That is not the outcome most of us look for.

I won't ditch this approach, particularly for chops that may be out for a longer time without the benefit of cooling. Or when I want something a bit hammy without the time put into curing a ham.

I have a dozen of these finished chops set aside for dinner party tomorrow. I will reheat them sous vide (vacuum packed in a water bath) and I plan to give them a slight brush with maple syrup which I hope will give it another interesting and traditional flavor.

I can see that I will need two approaches: 1) traditional brine (no cure) and grill at higher temps and 2) a cure and lower temperature for smoking and then a hotter temp to finish. But the latter is a delicate balance so the chops don't become too dry to be good.
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