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I agree with Ronelle on this. Tenderquick for such a long time is really wet curing, not brining. This is what gave such a salty/hammy taste.

I've had good luck with a smoke/reverse sear, but only on really thick chops (2"). Otherwise, grill them.

Generally, really lean meats (like poultry, chops, pork loin (which is what chops are cut from), tenderloin, etc. don't need the low & slow of a long smoke. That's more needed on meats with a lot of connective tissue or that are tough (butts, brisket, ribs, etc.).

Also, watch internal temp on chops. I used to always have dried out chops because I was paranoid about them being undercooked when I grilled. Always came out dry and tough. When I started pulling them off the heat when they hit 140 IT and let them rest like a steak, they came out MUCH more tender and juicy.

Here's another great resource I've found for brining in general:
Big JT's Smokin' BBQ Competition Team

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