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I agree, Ron L, it really is a cure, though I have read of cure being called a "sweet pickle brine" when wet and including sugar, which it is my impression that Tender Quick does. Since I wasn't after full on ham or bacon, plus since the chops were already cut, I thought the shorter brine time okay. And as a newbie I was following a posted recipe from another forum. I can't post in that forum because my internet provider doesn't provide email services and you have to have a "not for free" email to join. So I took their recipe, tried it, and posted the results here. I did back the Tender Quick off a bit simply because I have so little of it and cannot buy more here in the Philippines.

I have always grilled pork chops until recently when I started doing them sous vide as well. Great moist chops via sous vide and reverse sear. I am enjoying the flavor of these chops quite a bit. And I will study more about the cured and smoked pork chop versus a smoked pork chop so I can produce both.

I really appreciate the links and I am reading the brine guide right now. Just the sort of info I love pouring over! Thanks!
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