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Originally Posted by grilling24x7 View Post
So I think its worth posting some results. After reading the above info I realize that a sugary rub, mop, or injection is not the devil. In fact many of you show that you can use this stuff without getting the meat black. Yesterday I focused on not oversmoking, rather than cutting out the sugar. So for 12 hours I only used 3 small wood chucks (seasoned apple in chunks about the size of my fist or a bit larger). No smoke was added during the last few hours. Wood was added only during the first 6 hours, ever other hour.

I used Chris Lillys Injection which was awesome. None of the meat was charred black and I attribute it to less smoke.

Briefly, I aimed for 250 degrees, Kingsford charcoal, minion method, apple wood chunks on the 18.5 inch WSM. After 12 hours none of the meat was black. Everything was perfect.

Glad you worked out your issues 'Grilling24x7' .....

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