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Originally Posted by 17mbpro View Post
Thanks to all the knowledgable folks on this site I've been able to build this. I'm quite done yet, all I need to do is build the fire box and get a temp gauge installed Does anyone have a clever idea on how to attach the expanded metal to the grate without welding? The jury is still out on the handle and exhaust pipe, but I put them there just to see what it looks like....thoughts?
I just used soft steel wire (probably electric fence wire) and twisted it with safety wire pliers, but you could just as readily twist it with the small vice grips probably, just loop it around, cross the wires, clamp at the cross point, and twist until it is tight.

I just happen to have a set of safety wire pliers leftover from sprint car racing adventures, if you do not I bet the needle nose vicegrips would work fine, the key thing is to grab the wire and keep hold til all twisting is done.

Here is what it looks like twisted

Harbor Freight shows a set of the safety wire pliers for like $12 bucks.

They call them.................(I did not link thinking that is verboten, just go to HF and search them)

9" Safety Wire Twister

They work like a yankee screwdriver in reverse sort of :-).

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