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Originally Posted by jetfxr27 View Post
Looks great. I too am attempting to add an ATC without all the mess of wires. Can you give some details?
Looks like he is using a standard BBQ Guru setup (with a custom DigiQII mount), but does not have the blower or probes in the picture (the blower adaptor is shown on the bottom of the drum) DC power, fan, pit probe and meat probe plug into the bottom of the DigiQII unit pictured.

I don't really care for all the wires on mine either. I just used the bracket that came with the DigiQII to mount mine (tried magnets, but it always slid and fell off). The mount is close to the probe holes and the excess probe wire is coiled with leader keepers.

I have considered putting on a vertical air intake pipe and attaching the DigiQII to the blower assembly and mounting it on the top of the pipe. That would get the fan wire out of the way. Technically I could also switch to a battery powered system (rather than wall wart), but A/C is very convenient.
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