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What a wealth of info available on this site, thanks to all who have contributed.
Finished my drum, if I can figure out how to attached pics, I'll do so.
Initial burn with royal oak last nite, temp went to 350+ in no time at all,
with all intakes open, time was 5:40 pm
started choking it down and temp stabilized at about 250 by 6:15 with just the riser intake fully open, went to bed at 10:15 after opening one additional intake and temp stabilized about 310. Got up this morning and the drum was cold, still some heat in the embers, don't know what time it went out, this was with about 4lbs of lump.
Going over to some friends this afternoon for the 4th, but tomorrow, there's rib's for dinner.
Some info about the build:
The riser intake is a stainless steel hand rail for the bathroom, cut down to size, and scored for free, had it for 5-6 years, knew I kept it for a reason, still have one more.
The charcoal basket is ss and material also was scored for free, size 10" high, 11.5" dia, still have the better part of an eight foot by four foot sheet left. Those are 1/4" holes in the material, so this was an easy put together. I was concerned the basket would not have enough draw to stay lit, but I think those worries are behind.
Again, thanks for all the info, now I'll be looking at recipes.
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