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Default High Sugar in rub and injection - black bark- am I the problem?

So I complained a while ago here about not liking sugar in rubs and injections because the bark turned so black, almost shiny, for pulled pork and brisket that I did. (pork was on top grate brisket was on bottom)

Then last night on BBQ Pitmasters I see people injecting like crazy with apple juice and all sorts of sugar stuff.

Does anyone know what I mean when I say that a sugary rub or injection will put a blacker bark on the meats? Or am I doing something wrong with smoke intensity and duration?

The last pork shoulder I did tasted amazing (it was injected) but the bark was just too black.

The best pic I have to show the black is within the pulled pork. It was great, as I said, but the bark was too black IMO.

I get concerned because I want to do briskets on the bottom grate but I don't want them this black.

Should I stick with my protest of sugar or what?

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