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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
Get rid of the pan and Try it again. The reason for closing the vents and letting ride down is to keep it juicy cooking the bird in a pan does not allow for even heat distribution between the pieces. you need a minimum of 1/4" around each piece to allow for proper heat and smoke to get to the meat and crisp the skin. Make only small changes at a time to your cooks if you change up to many things you will never find a method that works. The method I gave you is proven it works every time if you do it exactly as I described it.
Thanks again for all the clues, I had no idea that putting them in an open casserole can make such a difference.

Following your described method, does it hurt if the temperature exceeds 325F?

Should I react on IT of 165F in the first 90 minutes, or does IT not influence cooking time when done your way?

I am tempted to try again immediately, but according to the weather forecast the weather will not play along, and I already ordered two pork butts and more ribs to be picked up on Wednesday for my next cook.
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