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If I may offer some feedback...

The idea of a drum kit appeals to me greatly. It saves time and effort in assembling a decent drum smoker. I have carefully looked at and considered all of the pieces being offered in the drum kit. And after thoroughly going through the huge UDS thread available here, I feel that the kit just isn't what I am looking for yet.

The first problem is with the Nest Assembly. It's great that it's adjustable and has a handy hook for it, but it doesn't have an ash-catching pan. That means that all of the ash will drop straight to the bottom of the drum, making clean up quite a bit of a hassle.

The second is with the sliding vents. I think the sliding vents look cool. But they do not allow me to use an automatic temperature controller to be used in conjunction with the drum smoker. And I am also a little concerned with installing them. Do I have to cut out an exact rectangle where the vents are supposed to be? I am not that handy, so people like me may have a hard time trying to make exact cuts to perfectly fit the vent coverings. If I accidentally cut too much, there will be an uncovered section leading to too much draft and not enough control.

And a well-designed grommet or two for temperature probe lines and such would be nice.

These are just some of my opinions. I think the kit is a great idea. If the kit, in the future, ever resolves these issues, I will be first in line to purchase one.
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