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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
Oh - just noticed the pic of the burndown pit - I should have known!

There's a space in our yard where my sons have a fort. I've got my eye on that spot for when they get too old for it. I'm sure my lovely wife has her eye on it too. It'll be an interesting conversation when the time comes.
haha yea enjoy that. I wanted to build this pit right next to the house, so I wouldn't have to walk far at night to re-fire the pit every 45 minutes, yet after many "negotiations" here it sits at the farthest corner of the property, next to the woods, yellowjackets, copperheads, etc.

That reminds me- with this traditional technique, you must add a shovelful of coals every half hour or so. The beauty of having coals right under the meat is that when the fat, collagen, connective tissues, etc burns off, it drips down into the coals, and then steam/ smoke drifts back up to the meat- this adds great flavor which you would miss with drip pans.

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