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wampus..... i took out the factor of peer judgement because there was no way of knowing that online. I only wanted to know about the cook's perception. Some are real hard on themselves... some are not. Then there's me when I was doing low and slow ribs... sure I nailed it on like 4, 5, or 6... but then, LOL I screwed up a bunch after that,,, then got better....

Also.... ever had a rack of ribs you thought could have been better... only to go off on some temp or taste tangent and not get back to that rack of ribs... maybe you forgot what you did... and that rack all the sudden you realized you nailed.

When I cook briskets by 50 or 60 units.. I always see a winner I wished I had at some bbq pageant 20 years ago... I always say.... there it is... MY crew says, what? That's the brisket or rack I was looking for at the 1991 Taylor International. Damn!

I think your assessment falls in line with many here.... you had some difficulty with L and slow.. not much... then almost none with hot and fast.

Once again... and maybe because I write so damn much people don't see it, this is NOT an endorsement of and end... but one hell of an endorsement of a beginning.
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