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Originally Posted by Hozman View Post
Our comp team has a new one (3-4 months old) you have to use water. We run digiQ and even then it would run away. Also close valve to where it is barley open on fan. Our goes through a lot of fuel and boiled the water off like crazy. We had a 1/4" piece of steel cut to pl;ace between water pan and fire box which has helped a ton. Also had a deeper firebox made with a maze system and that has helped with fuel consumption. With the above things done we can run 230 all day long.

Couple other things we do is preheat the cooking chamber with weed burner so digi dont work so hard to get to temp. Also looking at your pic, you have a roof on your porch? beware that with water you will get a lot of steam/grease accumulate on your roof and will have to wash it after use.

I was not impressed with pitmaker at all on the process the main guy went through getting the safe. Poor communication and for the price no wway you should have to do any mods to get it to work right. I would never buy one after what I have seen with the one we have now.
Any chance you could send me some pics of your mods to the fire box? You are right for what this thing cost we shouldnt be dealing with mods to get it to operate at a reasonable temp.
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