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I met a guy names Craig Sherry. Makes some kind of marital aide called Texas Pepper Jelly. At least thats what Bigmista said the jar was for. I am willing to bet if it tastes that good on my wife, it would be a well sought after aide to all sorts of BBQ applications as well... if Craig would ever see the potential of the product and sell it for something other than some kind of foreplay syrup. Man that stuff is good. Here is Sherry's set up.

I consider it one big assed viagra on wheels if you asked me; being that I got and instant wood when I got close to it. I got to see the vaults up close.... I was floored by how stout in construction they were. So... vault is a proper name.

Big Bigmista and Sherry's Vaults

Arriving for the second annual Bigmista's G Town Bash. Craig Sherry, Jim Puccetti (Against the Grain) and Bigmista

Lolly-gaggin the day before Patrick Mullins and Neil's Momma

Another shot of the Vaults

Craig between the vaults... Jim at far Right

For those that don't know about Bigmista and the G Town BBQ Bash...


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