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Sir, please don't forget you have one of the most efficient smokers out there. Once its up to temp, it takes very little fuel to keep it there. I have a Pitmaker Vault and I to had a problem with run-a-way temps. I found that it was air leaking into the fire box. I use a Guru as well and I bought a small piece of sheet steel at Lowes and cut it to fit as shims to tighten everything up around the air inlet. It holds temp great now. I've never used water in my smoker. These smokers love to be loaded up. The more that I put in mine the better it work. I get my lump and oak going, put in the meat of the day, set the guru at 230, go to bed for 4 hours. When I get up to wrap the meat its at a steady 230. I wrap it, and it's back to bed for a few more hours (try that with off-set). I hope this helps. There is a lot to learn when cooking with these smokers, but it worth it!
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