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I thought a may have a defective probe as well being that it was about 20 degrees off from the thermometer on the front of the smoker, but I tested it and it was accurate. I have tried lighting it a few different ways. The first time I loaded it up with lump and poured about a quarter of a chimney on top. I did have water in the pan this time. The scond time same process minus the water. I also didnt set my Guru to 225 right out of the gate. Rather I slowly progressed the temp upwards in hopes that I wouldnt overshoot the temp I was looking for. Last night I only loaded about 3lbs of charcoal and bought a blow torch to start the lump towards the back again with no water in the pan. I slowly increased the Guru temp up to 200. Once it got there the temp actually looked like it was going to stay......go back out an hour and a half later and the temp is running 280.

I thought by going with less fuel last night it may help keep temps down, but I was wrong. Then I got to thinking that maybe the 10 cfm fan was to big even though I had the draft slide choked way down. I have had water smokers before and they were very easy to maintain temps. i have three cooks coming up over the next three days and I would like to start getting some consistency.
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