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For security reasons, I have decided to purchase and use Splashtop for Android to connect from my phone to my home PC when the home PC is left on for "monitoring"the CyberQ Wifi via a web page. In that manner, I don't expose the wide open CyberQ Wifi to the Internet directly. The Spashtop product is available for iPhones, tablets, PCs and Macs. For me, I run the streamer on my home computer and the remote desktop app on my Droid. Splashtop is the name of the company and just add .com to get to their web page.

Here's an important plus for this product. If you have a Gmail account, you can put your Google info on the phone and your home PC and then Splashtop finds your PC for you. You don't have to worry about DDNS or remembering IPs or anything. It just finds it over local Wifi or 3G. I don't have 4G to test it with and I didn't test it at work using just Wifi.

Furthermore, if you have a PC at work, for instance, and you want to view your home PC and monitor and control the Wifi unit, Spashtop Remote Desktop is free for non-commercial usage. The Mac version isn't free, nor are the phone versions. It works, and I'm excited. The home PC becomes another window on your work computer that you can close, move around or resize. Also, it can save your log on password, so you that you don't have to enter it every time upon connecting, although I don't use that on my phone. Passwords have to have some complexity to them, so it's not just 4 digits that I feel can get hacked. I feel that there's good security here.

I have no affiliation with Spashtop except for being a new happy user who watched from work yesterday as my brisket slowly cooked at home.

Anyhow, it works perfectly for me and is easier and more secure than setting up the CyberQ Wifi for port forwarding.

To anyone who is using port forwarding. Has your CyberQ Wifi been hacked during a cook?
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