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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
Read the labels for sugar and sodium content. SBR is HFCS based, so I try to avoid, even though it tastes good.
I agree to disagree. While I think it is important to be health concious and careful about what you consume, I don't rule out an ingredient/food that is considered "safe" by the FDA just because it has processed sugars. I get, HFCS is not natural. That's ok with me. I drink soda, I eat the fat on my ribeyes (all natural fat), and sometimes I use sauce with HFCS. When I make my own, which I usually do, I use honey and molasses.

My point: Moderation. I like SBR, so I eat it on occasion - regardless of sugar/sodium content. Why? Because I'm healthy. I workout regularly and my diet consists of good BBQ (which I think we can all agree is not always the healthiest food) as well as healthy foods. I am not at risk for obesity or diabetes because I enjoy a mix of healthy and unhealthy foods with an active lifestyle.

So, put me down for SBR as well.
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