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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
Chris I have not read all of the post yet, it may have already been discussed. Your very first experiment Here states, "White Cane, granulated (C&H) - Tasted kinda hammy. Very good, not burnt at all."

Now I wonder if all those threads referring to usually what is ribs or pork, having a hammy taste and most of the time they were left overnight with the rub on, giving it time to soak in. Do you think this may be some of the problem?
Yes, and I'm not the only one that thinks.this.

If you stop to think, it makes perfect sense. What is ham, and why does it taste hammy? It is the salt cured into the pork that at a minimum does this. Sweet hams also have sugar soaked into the meat adding that flavor. Smoking ribs, which are pretty thin, results in meat that has as much smoke ring meat as regular meat, if not more. That smoke ring is pink because the meat was cured by nitrates formed by smoke particulates bonding with water molecules on the meat, actually curing the meat just like if you used Tender quick or another curing salt. Thus...ham.

Having too much salt, and even sugar in the meat of your ribs when you smoke them can only produce the flavor of salted, sweetened, cured other words ham.
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