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Default Practically speaking......injection/rub/sauce for MASSIVE BBQ cooking

So, this past weekend (VENDING) we had the dilema of deciding where to draw the line on things like sauce, rub (quantity), injecting (yes or no), etc.

When we compete, we don't cut corners. It's all about that flavor profile.
When feeding the masses, however, we don't want to blow the budget on expensive sauce, injection, etc. There's also the consideration of TIME.

We will NOT put out sub-standard BBQ, and we don't serve with sauce, but do have it available to those who prefer to drench everything in it without tasting first. We lightly rubbed and sprinkled rub into the pulled meat to conserve rub and still have flavor imparted, we decided against injecting of any kind (mainly due to the PIA and time) and as far as prep, we didn't do any trimming of butts or briskets and decided to score the rib membranes ilo removing them.

Everything turned out good. Not necessarily as great as it would have been at home for the family, but on the scale we were cooking it just didn't seem practical to go to the extremes that we normally would at home.

Just curious of those who have done this vending & catering game.....what's the norm? vending treated differently than catering? Vending seems so much more fast paced than catering. Also, we are looking for repeat or referral business from catering customers, so does that play in for you all?

Thanks in advance.
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