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Default smoking a brisket on my USD

Many thanks to the people on this forum, with your help I build my own USD smoker. Got a drum from a home builder across the street, they only used it to store trash in. Burned it out, and put 2 nipples and a valve in it. Had to cut the top ring off to fit my old webber lid and put the grate in. Cooked a few small things in it to see how it holds up, and now it's time for my first brisket!

Here the smoker finished:

and the basket that I bolted together from 2x24x24 sheet metal from homedepot, and a pizza pan below it:

I had to cut the top ring off the barret to make it fit my webber lid:

And my first 12lbs brisket, going for a 18 hour smoke hopefully:

Here is the imgur album with bigger pictures:

Thanks! Robbin
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