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Originally Posted by WooPig View Post
Thank ya'll so much for helping me get my CyberQ up and running. Just one other question. Is the port forwarding to ports 80 secure at all. I know it would just be some moron hacker trying to burn my brisket :), but just wondering if there was a more secure way. Someone at work mention setting up static address? Or using a website called Do you know anything about this?

Again thanks so much. Was able to adjust my Egg while out running around town the other day....pretty cool stuff!
Your pretty CyberQ Wifi is sitting out on the Internet waiting for some hacker to turn off the warning beeps and dial it up to 425 degrees. There's no password to view the unit, as you know. Therefore, anyone passing by can see it and that's the problem with the current state of the CyberQ Wifi. No security. So, when you turned on port forwarding it opens it up to the Internet, vice just seeing it on your private home network.

A static won't help in this case. It's a different subject, same for dynamic DNS. What those two things do is allow you to find the router, and hence your CyberQ Wifi, using a name like (test it - it's someone's Samsung DVR) or something similar, vice remembering your public IP address. Dynamic DNS changes the IP numbers to a more-familiar name. You can register an account at It used to be free, but now they charge $20 per year. Your Internet provider may change your IP address regularly, so you won't be able to find your router IP address without looking it up again. Dynamic DNS or a static IP makes it possible to find your router.

Hope this helps.
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