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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
Sorry, but any "edict" about BBQ is akin to any edict about making love -- no such thing.
Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post


Patio... you know I have mad respect for your skills BUT Please Read above.... Quotes from above are in bold

1. You think you are going to pursuade me I am anything but a "King," for essentially I am one, as Henry the IV was in Luigi Pirandello's, Enrico the IV. If you know what this refers to or at least are the type of intellect that would wiki this so you could appear to know what you are talking about then you have the intellectual qualifications to participate because it is a hell of a reference to what I do.

Check out the play... specifically ask yourself... who was the King really, did he know he was the King, Did he know if they Knew he was King or not.

"So who is this edict for? If you are struggling with a meat and/or have tanked your scores, and/or are totally new and want a starting point or re-reference point, I say this might be the law for you."

You are an expert pitmaster patio.... does it say this is for expert pitmasters?

Over and Over again.... not the point.... not saying its the only way.

Also of note, quoted from above:

"that these laws are intended, once again, for the novice to new meats"


" that once the meat is mastered at the entry temp suggested, it is ENTIRELY fine to tweak to either side in both time and temp and even rub, slather, or artifical injections, to get to where the individual desires."

So once again... no matter who may come in trying to be diplomatic and say "there is no one way to cook BBQ" that is not what the "Edict" is about. Especially not coming from a guy that makes an awesome brisket like Patiodaddio, using many of the same methods.

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