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Originally Posted by barracudamuscle View Post
Thanks Brothers!
I will definitely make them bigger. I've got a problem but a good problem. I was too anxious to wait to smoke something so I picked up a 7 pound boneless pork shoulder pre rubbed from my local meat market. It's actually doing well, I'm around 230 +\- 7 degrees. So I can't open the holes up until my first UDS creation is done. It's been on for 2 hours and went from 45 to 106 right now. Most recommend pulling around 190-195 if I read correctly.
I'll post some pics of the finished product later tonight. Thanks so much for everyone's help!
You are cooking at the perfect temperature so there is no need to fool with anything right now. Don't panic when the meat hits the infamous "stall." Last one I did got to 155 in the first few hours, then took ten hours to get to 160. Took a total of fifteen hours but it was perfect. Slow and steady....
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