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Well Ive completed my first UDS thanks to everyone on this forums tips! I kept it pretty simple using fence gate handles, I used an eye bolt and hook combo so I have some where to hang the lid, I used the digital Maverick thermometer with 2 probes. One for the grill grate and a food probe.
I did mess up and warp my lid using a weed burner, I was able to get it back close but it still wants to spring off there so I'm going to use the clamp for now until I can score a weber lid.
Quick question, last night I had all 3 intakes open ( 2 3/4" plugs and 1 3/4" valve) and could only hit 304. I closed one plug and let it stabilize about 15 I lost a few degrees if any. Then I closed the other plug and lost an additional few degrees. Using just the valve half open I could get it down to the 225's. Should I open up my exhaust holes one size? It seems that it may be limiting my temps. The lid sprung off on one side about 1/4" with just the valve half open and the temps shot to 270.

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