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Default Shirt Sale! Getting rid of old, ordering new!

It's good news all around!

First, if you have been eyeing up our shirts for awhile and have been waiting for them to go on sale, this is your big chance! The last remaining stock of shirts we have right now are on sale for the next couple of days. This is the biggest discount we've had them ever and chances are after this, they won't be available online anymore. Supplies are limited, don't miss out on getting yours!

Big Butz Shirts!

Second, we are having new shirts made! This shirts will be black and feature a full color jar of or Cranberry BBQ Sauce on the front and on the back they will say:

"Award Winning,
People Pleasing,
Cranberry Crack,
... in a jar!"

These shirts are going to run $20.00 each and we are having a very limited stock made. If you want yours, let me know and we'll put you down as a pre-order to make sure you get yours. But, you don't have to pay until they are made, which will be within the next week. The order is going in TODAY so, if you are interested I need to know ASAP!
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