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Got a quick question for the experts.

First some info.
I did my seasoning burn the other night with some kingsford blue bag that I had left over. I keep mine in a container so I am not sure how much I actually had. My basket is approx 13"dia x 10" high. It was filled up over half way with coal and 4-5 fist sized chunks of hickory. I lit 12 briquets in my chimney letting them get good and hot and poured on my basket. Both valves and pipe nipple, all 3/4" were wide open. I had read that most prefer to get their drum up to 350 for about 30 mins to get a good seasoning. I got mine up to 291 per my digital probe and 300 on my dial thermo.

It was starting to rain so I am not sure if that had any effects. I let it run at that temp (290-300) for about 30-40 minutes and then put on the fatty, which turned out amazing!

I put the cap on the nipple and closed one ball valve leaving just the one slightly open and got my temp to the 250ish range.

My question(s) is this.

Should I use more than 12 briquets to start my basket (assuming I am doing a long burn) say for brisket or pork butt?

Should I leave the cap off the nipple during the cook and just regulate with the ball valves?

I know with some practice I will be fine just want to make sure I am heading down the right path.

Thanks as always.
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