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Default All Natural Briquettes/Lump at HT

Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
One bit of new information I have learned about this cooker in my experience with it so far... It's easier to control your temperature, especially on the low and slow side of things, with Stubbs all-natural briquettes instead of lump. I cooked a couple butts the other day using Stubbs and instead of fighting to keep the temp lower, I actually had to open the vents a little to get it up to where I wanted it. I'll most likely be switching to natural briquettes in the future with this cooker when I'm targeting specific temps at 300 degrees or less... I'll use lump for hotter cooking...
As an FYI, Harris Teeter carries a Natural Briquette and Lump that are pretty good and you can usually get a Vic Card special on them.

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