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Default when you are online, can anyone access to your computer

Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Another Question... this one came to mind after the Kap's last comment ----could you in fact, once you get all these internet BBQ's on line... which say, everyone would use at...oh... I don't know... some contest like the Jack Daniels...

If a lot of people were hooked up to the internet... and controlling their pits this way... would it be easy for you to, from China... steal control from all these pitmasters when they were drinking, drunk, knocking off a piece, playing stink finger, or otherwise letting their pits be controlled by your product...

Could you in fact hold hostage the Jack Daniels Invitational? I mean how do we know the internet is secure? Could the next target be Memphis in May? What international laws protect BBQ champion wannabees from having their bbq held hostage by a unit that could feesibly be highjacked temperature wise when no one was looking.

I mean I know personally someone who goes to contests with tainted and reprogramed thermapens of each color that he can switch on the unsuspecting pitmaster when his head is turned... then all the sudden, the past champoion is pulling his chix at 133 thinking its 160.
Theoritically yes. But hard to do
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