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I apologize...I just realized you ARE serious. Good Luck. Please don't let the Kapn's jumping to conclusions prevent your correspondence with me. I will give you other reasons.

Seriously, with the shipping charges I thought it was a joke... And I did express SOME interest as I was very interested in the 50CFM fan. While melting lead is a joke, making pizza with my Brazos pit is not! Those higher pizza and calzone making temps make for some great Italian product that has a wood oven taste.

A 5O CFM fan would also help with making Beef Shoulder Clod, where I like to get up to 450. MY BRAZOS PIT WILL NOT NATURALLY ASPIRE TO THAT TEMP so a fan like your could be used. My 25 cfm gets me there but of course I had to modify the single air outlet to blow air in several spots to prevent CORE OUT.

I think that what I am saying, and Kap is right, I am just one guy, we have something here called the Stoker system, perhaps you have seen my videos? The stoker DOES allow you to not only monitor the meat (through a probe) but also the unit, when it reaches the IT you want, it will either shut off the fan or reduce it to a hold temp of your choosing. This is hardly a unit that simply lets you monitor the IT only... it adapts and will adjust.

In addition, the software updates are available online for free (Stoker Log). With these softwares I am able to place the meat in the pit and either by monitoring the bbq by the house temp or IT temp, create a program that smokes at 225 for two hours, then smoke at say 270 until a 165 IT is reached, then smoke at 230 until 195 is reached, then hold at 180 until I am ready. But then I have the StokerLog upgrade.

However, several on here have complained about the service from Stoker, including me with one person experiencing good service, and another less than good to horrible. So, I bet concerns about a vendor in another country would be relevant. John from Stoker, although he may not have made contact with me on my timeline, worked VERY hard to get the problem fixed a few years ago; replacing the unit and fan several times. Since 2008 I have had no problems. I can only imagine having to wait for weeks for my product to come from China and worse if you decided you did not want to eat the shipping costs.

In my opinion, as a purchaser of both the Guru and the Stoker (being most pleased with the stoker as at the time it had web hookup) I think the product was designed in a different era of bbq history... an era when the internet ruled and people thought that bouncing from 225 to 235 would irrepairably damage bbq to point you had to pull your hair out. Fewer think that way BUT EVERYONE likes to sleep, which is where your product would be priceless.

I look forward to some of these products coming over. I look forward to see how the vendors take care of their service problems when their product source is overseas.


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