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Default First HH Brisket (pr0n)

I've been wanting to do a whole packer brisket for a while. I tried a couple of trimmed flats last year, and the results were disappointing.

I was able to get an 11.5 pound, "boneless beef brisket, first and second cut" at my local Western Beef store (a New York area chain).

I originally was going to cook the brisket as one piece. When I was trimming it, I wound up with 2 groves cut on the sides, near the point end. I had found the fat layer dividing up the flat and point. I just went with it. It was quite easy to separate the 2 pieces. Besides the fat layer, the meat grain on the 2 pieces run in different directions.

I injected the brisket with:
10 ounces of beef broth
10 ounces of water
2 table spoons Worcestershire sauce

Rubbed it with:
1 part salt
1 part pepper
1 part garlic powder
1 part onion powder
1 part paprika
1 part chili powder
1 part Splenda

I fired up my 22 1/2" WSM to 325F. I Cooked both pieces, in an uncovered aluminum pan for 2 hours. I then covered them and cooked until 205F internal at the thickest part. The flat took 1 hour, 3 hours total. The point 1 1/2 hour, 3 1/2 hours total.

I took the flat off, still in the pan, wrapped it in a towel, and put it in a cooler.

I took the point out of the pan, reserved the juices, and put it back on the smoker (no pan). After 1 1/2 hour, I cut it in 1" cubes, put it in a small aluminum pan with the reserved juices, a sprinkling of Splenda and put it back on the WSM for 1/2 hour.

We ate the burnt ends as an appetizer. By that time the flat had rested for 3 hours, ready to eat.

Burnt ends - 5 1/2 hours
Flat slices - 6 hours

The burnt ends were an amazing burst of flavor. The fat melted in my mouth like butter.

The flat slices had a nice bark. It was very flavorful, tender and juicy.

The only complaint was that the meat was a bit salty. That is probably due to the beef broth I used.

The flat ready to go.

The point ready to go.

The point ready to cube.

Burnt ends.

Burnt ends ready to eat.

The flat after resting.

The flat ready to eat.

I learned a lot on this cook and it was a great, overall success.

Thanks to all you brethren for ideas and tips I used in this cook!

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