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Originally Posted by HogFan View Post
Yes, I understand that baking soda is a base so will neutralize acids. Since you added baking soda to help the Mallard reaction, I assume there is a stronger reaction when the PH is not acidic. So I'm trying to verify that as some of the information PT gave has me confused on this point.
The higher PH causes the Maillard reaction to occur quicker.

Now, two things are going on here. The brown sugar and molasses are caramelizing and the surface of the meat is going through the Maillard reaction.

My intent on using the sugar and the oil was to hope that those two together would get really hot and cause the Maillard reaction on the surface of the meat to occur more quickly than without them.

The baking soda is part of the theory. I haven't verified whether or not the baking soda is making a significant contribution but it isn't negatively impacting it either.
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