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Originally Posted by Myrdhyn View Post
I've got mountains of respect for you as a BBQer. Seriously you are one of my favorite people to read and learn from, so please do not take this as an insult: However, the bolded statement is simply not true. Vinegar and lemon juice, etc are all acidic not alkaline. The PH of lemon juice and vinegar are both between 2 and 3.

Now, on topic: I'm super excited to see this. Brisket looks excellent and I've been waiting to see this recipe since Boshizzle posted the teaser shots the other day :D I may have to try this very soon.
Oh Gosh you are so correct.... funny how I messed this up with the absence of a word. What I mean to say is that when we look on the scale at something more acidic than another, even if it is on the same class (acids versus basic - or alkaline) we refer to it as being more alkaline or acidic than the other, even if the substance is not in that category. For the case of the examples you gave.... Lemon juice is MORE acidic than vinegar. But when we go the other way... it is tricky because of a couple of reasons.... one is, since it is logarithmic, it throws people off, who typically would assume neutral to be zero, the second reason is our terminology when we go the other way. For instance, vinegar is ten times (3) more alkaline than lemon juice (2).

Somewhere along the line in editing the post I took out some words and probably got more focused on saying something silly and never re-read to see what I was posting.

Its so tricky its hard to write it down and be a smart ass at the same time. Let me know if you feel there are problems with this though.

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