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Smile sodastream question

Originally Posted by Redheart View Post
I applaud your attempt to find a unique manner in providing carbonated beverages to your clients. I do prefer fountain drinks over bottles or cans when I do drink a soda.
But here is another thing to consider. If you are a legal operation, the Sodastream is not. It does not meet NSF guidelines in construction etc. Of course your health department may never comment on it, but I assure you that if mine came to my commissary and saw it on the shelf they would probably say something.
Just another thing to consider, other than just pricing.

thanks for answering
i will check with sodastream there headquaters are in New Jersey. I really like the soda they make,they have so many flavors and I thought it would be a great change then just drinking coke diet code 7 up and dr.pepper.
what is NSF

I am taking the food handlers course and food managers certicate course hear in arizona. i can probably ask them about it. you see how crazy new york city is trying to ban large sodas
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