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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Are you planning ona bespoke soda process, that is to say, custom-on-order soda? If so, you really have your costs wrong. By example and from a real business.

My friend owns a coffee shop. He sells espresso and drip from vacuum pumps. Naturally these are apples and oranges. But, he is looking to add bespoke coffee from drip, made at the time of ordering.

12 ounces coffee-$1.75
bespoke coffee-$3.75

Why the cost difference, especially when 12 ounces of coffee from pump uses the same water and grinds as the bespoke coffee. Well, it takes time for the coffee to be made, each one costing time both in process and in getting the specific flavor from the shelf. There is more handling and cleaning of equipment and materials. Also, there is lost opportunity, each time you or someone on staff is making soda, you are not selling something else. The time to make a soda is a lot longer than the time to fill a cup or grab a bottle.

Finally, beverage is a money maker in the food service industry, anytime you can sell a bottle or can, instead of make a beverage, your profit goes up. Holds true for beer, wine, hard liquor or soda. That is where your margin is best, especially with fountain drinks.

thank you for your answer then where those your friend get his drinks from? i thought i would make whatever the customer liked their are so many flavors but if its a health department no no then ill just use soft drinks-the question is where to get them wholesale?
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