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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
In this case the salt will have neglegible affect on the moisture content deep within. I also have additional information about water content.

The brisket's water content (like ribs) is irrelevant....

Here is why.

"How many of you have found over the years that your brisket was dry because you pulled it before it was done rendering - ie. too soon? Apparently a ****load, from reading posts on various forums every damn day entitled, 'Brisket help.'

Think also about how dry my ribs looked in my WEEP video just before they actually wept? Remember the pig honey?

For those of us that cook on big pits, cooking lots of meat at one time and who incidentally use pits with diverter plates or tuning plates, those of us who use "sound" to cook or at least are aware of the noises their pits make? ---- Ever notice how the pit quiets down after a bit.... you look in and your briskets are all dry? Many are tempted to mop them... don't! A transition is about to take place... temerature is crucial, the mopping disturbs the natural order of things and has limited place at this time in bbq ovens... which are not pits, which is were the mopping belongs.

And you pick up a brisket and notice it has become firm and quite tight. Well, that essentially is the end of the water and its trip out of the brisket. The brisket looses a lot of water in those first few hours. Mostly from the muscle.

So what the heck comes next? There is BOTH fat and Water in fat. There is also collagen. We have talked a lot about collagen in here so I wont go on about that. But the whole stall/weep period is a glorious exchange. Like lesbians swapping body fluids from a MMFF foursome while their male donors lay drained and in exhaustion over on the sweat soaked leather couch.... the briskets make their way to the bedroom and all those fresh sheets. The briskets begin to sweat and drip their juices all over one another, in some cases, licked by searing heat, they may spew and squirt their juices over other briskets. Soon the bed of steel they are laying on is slathers in a coating of this honey, sweat and drips of lubricating fats.... plus whatever injections they may have gotten from their earlier activities with the probes.

The moisture is now NOT going to come from anything you slather on these beauties. It will not come from another injection from those probes that have been standing buy, ready for another stab at it. They are coming from the lesbians themselves, and nothing is wetter and juicier than two hot lesbian briskets at this point. They begin to create and slather themselves with their own honey. When these briskets are through dripping all over each other and squirting, sizzling and spewing and sucking back in all those juices, perhaps swapping and tasting each other's liquid love gravy... well then they will cue the observer as they too lay exhausted, jelly like, soaked and dripping blobs of flesh ready for the ulimate probing once again."

THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS!!!!! Explained from our Beloved Popdaddy 0f Barbefunkoramaque... In his book.... "I am still Big... its the Compact Disks that got Smaller (2009)"
Thats kinda the same way I explain Bible stories to the kids at church, but without the orgy analogy.
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