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Congratulations on the new posting, I wish you all the success you can grab.

Out here, there is a place that does a lot of BBQ catering, one thing they do is strongly encourage the use of a carving station. They do charge more for this, but, it is the easiest way to keep meats that are to be sliced fresh and appetizing. By having one counter dedicated to carving meats, and I hate when it is not a seperate counter, the meats do not get dry.

It also is a subtle way of controlling portioning, otherwise folks over-serve on the meats. I have seen this over and over, folks load up on meat, then leave it. By having them get served, there is some self-moderating that goes on. My SIL, a notorious over-server, hates having carving station, as she is too self-concious to want to look piggish.

My other observation is, that over-cooked chicken is a good way to go, the skin render to the point it stay tender. The meat, especially if you brine, stays tender and usually moist. Supermarket chicken style cooking really helps on the fundraiser buffets I advise on.
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