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Default BBQ & Southern Food Buffet

Well, it seems that all my hard work starting up 2 BBQ joints and revamping another over the past year has not gone in vain. Today I was offered a position as KM and Chef for a new restaurant opening around 1 August call Southern Buffet and Grill. The owner was originally going to do a traditional Southern buffet but when he say my resume he decided that 'Q' needed to be part of the menu.
He wants to go fresh and from scratch. So I don't have to convince him that collard greens should be cooked fresh and not from a can, and mashed potatoes are made several times a day from fresh boiled potatoes & cream and not from a powder.

So what is the dilemma you might ask? Well, to be truthfully honest I have only limited experience with buffet style dining. I have done many catered events and those are pretty easy to plan, produce and make profit because the unknowns such as how many serving of what are virtually eliminated because they customer is buying so many of such and such meats, sides, drinks etc. The other issue is keeping things like brisket and pork from drying out and ribs from over cooking while on the service line, amongst other things, yet alone how to keep a smoked chicken quarter from getting rubbery skin while sitting in a hotel pan on the line.

So I am hoping some of you wonderful Brethren and Sistren out there have some experience in these matter and can offer a few suggestions, preferably based on experience, that might help me over come these hurdles as I begin planning the service and cook lines as well as the menu.

If you have no experience in this area, I would still love all of your help in planning the menu, keeping in mind that it is not just a BBQ joint but a Southern style buffet. So in order to plan this menu I figured I could get some real good suggestions from ALL of you. Because as far as foodies go, there are none better then the Brethren. So if you have a favorite traditional Southern food that you feel would be a great item on a buffet, whether it be a protein, starch, side or dessert please let me know.

Thanks for your thoughtful input in advance.

Don't worry guys I will let you know when and where this new restaurant will be after we take possession of the space later this month.
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