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Smile Making my own Soda for catering-how much to charge?

Hi ,I am opening my own bbq catering business in September and have decided to make things even more appealing by serving custom soda drinks to my guests and charge for that.

I am going to use the Sodastream machine which I have been using to make soda at home since 2005 or 2003 my memory is shot from ptsd but-

1.The machine cost $170 each carbon dioxide canister makes 33 liters of soda.
2.The bottles of flavoring of soda ranges from a bottle for orange soda $4.99 to 6.99 for raspberry-cranberry. Each flavoring syrup makes 12 liters soda.

There is really no other cost except when you exchange the CO2 canisters and getting extra 1 liter bottles.

I am trying to figure out what to charge per liter of soda-if when I make my bbq menu of bbq ribs or butt to add a fixed cost for each bottle of soda 1liter-my cost will be around .50 cents per liter of soda- for the flavoring per 1 liter bottle. All i need to do is add cold water not even ice-everyone loves the flavors and I think it will make the customers happy to see their favorite flavor made right in front of them

What do you recommend to charge per one liter bottle,i figure i will have to order an extra 25 bottles but should make it up in profits because these bottles are very strong plastic not the flimsy plastic bottles from the grocery. please give me your thoughts on price to charge ,how you would do it,are you doing something similar?
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