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Default The Buckhorn Bar n Grill

Hello everyone, I'm Bailey from Whistler, BC, Canada.

I have just finished building my 'Drum Kit' and have started modifying my backyard into the Buckhorn Bar 'n Grill. I have made 2 UDS and one open top party grill.
Heres what the kit looks like.

I started with these brand new barrels I had special ordered. I got 2 with removable lids and thicker gauge steel. The solid barrel is what I used for the grill.

Heres the first one I finished. I cut it in half to access the coals better. I definitely noticed some slight temperature fluctuations when I first used it. I now use aluminum foil tape to seal it off.

Heres the bottom half with the coal basket loaded up. Theres a couple more chunks of wood buried in there somewhere.

...and the Top. You can see the heat diffuser on the coal basket. For the lid I welded on the hook and handles and it definitely warped it a bit. I kept the locking rings and that helps keep it closed and from people opening the damn thing when I'm not looking!

Heres the party grill. I made the lid completely removable so friends can gather around the grill. Makes for a good party atmosphere. Here we have some chicken thighs resting.

...and the chefs perspective.. Got a pork butt roasting up in one of the UDS.

The BHBnG in full effect!

Heres the pork butt... Cooked it for 10 hours. Started the fire at 8 am and it was holding at 250 when I went to bed at 1am!
Pork ended up really good, enjoyed it in some sangies with some home made sauce and slaw. Turned out perfectly as far as I like it.

This is my third summer that I have been spending all my free time smoking meat products and making barbeces. Here is a pic of the first one I made 2 years ago. I had never heard of the UDS and came up with the design myself.

It did a decent job and taught me a lot about cooking meat. It had a few things about it that made it very inefficient compared to the UDS!

In august myself and 2 friends will be entering the Canadian National BBQ Champs here in Whistler for the third time! I am really excited to enter with my new UDS and give it our best!

Thank you to everyone in this post and on the forum! I have learned so much and cant wait to give a brisket a go here on the weekend.
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