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I wonder if people will realize that many of us forget things... and this little diddy here is about the most valuable damn thing I have seen on here in quite some time.

People ask me why my coffee is so good, I use a trail hand trick that adds a bit of salt to the brew to soften the water (often quite hard round regions here)...

the other day I was going on about baking soda.... this brings an out of balance water back to neutral (remember the exchange in hydrogen atoms), adn yes it also fixed the ph of tea. When things are in balance you taste more. There are tons of flavor receptors on your tongue and they ring bells of all sorts; sour, acidic, salt, sweet, savory.... heat.... anyway.... when one of these is out of balance, it throws off the ability for you to perceive what the others are saying. I would liken it to making a BBQ sauce that has so much heat in it you cannot enjoy you bring the heat down with carrots or reducing the peppers so you can taste other things.


Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
This how Granny BluDawg made it and I have never had a better glass of Texas Champagne.

6 lipton tea bags
1 cup sugar
*1/8 tsp baking soda
3 quarts + 1 cup ice water
* baking soda cuts the acid/tannins leaving a clean tea flavour

Put the 6 tea bags into a 1 quart mason jar and the sugar and baking soda into a pint jar
Bring 3 cups of water just to a boil pour 2 cups over the tea and 1 up over the sugar stir until the water turns clear
Steep the tea until the it is around room temp.
Remove the tea bags and squeeze them out into the mason jar. add the sugar syrup to the tea. pour the tea syrup into a 1 gal pitcher and fill with ice water. Enjoy!
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