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Originally Posted by inraged2002 View Post
Wow looks good. Unfortunately I don't have an angle grinder. I bought a wire brush for my drill but that really doesn't work that well. Do you have to remove the orange. i'm not sure what color the liner was as my dad burnt it out for me.
I burned mine out twice and each time it glowed red, and it still had a small amount of the liner in it. I figured that using it, it would never get that hot again.

So, I finished it up, painted the outside and have been using it for about 2 years. Have never smelled, tasted or had any odd side effects from any food cooked on it.
After my first season burn, the whole inside of the barrel is covered in black. It wont rust as long as I don't wash it out. I used pam to season it with.

The outside of the barrel when cooking up to 300 degrees is hot to the touch, but not hot enough to cause any burns. Don't think any liner left will get hot enough to produce any undesirable fumes.
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