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Default is there a rule on deciding how much to charge?

Originally Posted by PCDoctor_1979 View Post
I think you could make quite a bit from this job. If you have priced the menu at 3x food costs, you should be pocketing at least $3.00 per plate. (1/3 for food, 1/3 for supplies and labor, 1/3 profit) That's $855. In addition to the $9.00 per plate I charge for serving line setup, buffet line attendants, and on-site cooking if requested. With an assistant, I think you could make $1,000 on this deal with the additional service charges. It's a long day, but well worth it in my opinion. I'd take on something like this, but I like a challenge.

hi i read somewhere on the board to charge 5xtimes the cost of food and supplies-is there a general rule in restaurants and catering as what to charge for the food and service and supplies? asking because i'm planning to cater in the fall and may open a restaurant too
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