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Thanks everyone, I am a brisket guys so I am loving the burnt ends and the slice. The pulled pork was tasty but the left overs are food savered and ready for another day.

Not sure I am qualified to say much. This is a first time using a commercial injection instead of some recipe or my own concoction. It defiantly added to the flavor in both the brisket and pork. The brisket juice (I will call it Au Jus). Was probably the best I have ever had come out. It was a real great taste but I am not sure if I totally owe the to Butchers. When I foiled it I used some mixed up concentrated Au Jus for a well know restaurant here in Westren New York called the Red Oshier. They are famous for their prime rib and just recently you can now pick up a bottle of their Au Jus ( The meat seemed to keep the beef flavor better and with the brisket being on the smaller side the injection definitely help keep it from drying out. I also tasted some injection just after mixing it and was real happy with it. I have to also say that it was a bit thicker than I thought it would be after mixing, not a bad thing just a surpris.

The pork was super juicy and also had a more flavor than I got in the past. That I can totally give to the injection.

I still have a bit of injection left as I bought the size up from the trail. I want a few more cooks before I decide if it is worth the money for cooking at home. If I start doing doing some local comps I will definetly use it. I know a lot of teams use it and win and That speaks a lot. It may or may not help me in a comp but it's reputation would make me more confident which is worth the money.
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