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Default This Weekends Que with pron

Got the WSM out this weekend to do a Brisket and a Prok Butt. Wanted to try Trusting my Butcher so I mixed up the beef Prime injection and the Pork injection and used the premium rub for the brisket. I used Plowboys Yard Bird for the Pork. Overall I am very happy with the flavor. The local Sam's was out of packer brisket so I had to get the brisket from Walmart and it was only 9 lbs. Sam's has me a little worried, I caught one of thier "Butchers" and asked if they had any packers in the back and he told me they don't carry them anymore. Hope he was just clueless. If not I found a local resturant supplier who also has retail store to the public that has 12-14 packers that are cab at $3 a pound.

I was a little worried that the flat only end would get over cooked and it did just a little. The point and brisket end came out dead on. The burnt ends were great.

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