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all this discussion of baking soda and ph levels and it's role in Malliard reaction, have me wondering if the baking soda is doing something else..

tenderizing... I know Asian cooking sometimes uses baking soda on their meats to tenderize.. it can help create a crispier texture on thin cuts.. but at the same time provides a different texture to the meat...

Now, with a big cut like a brisket, a few sprinkles will not penetrate deeply enough to affect the whole packer, but it could do enough to influence the surface/bark... especially if not washing off the applied baking soda before the other stuff.

Of course, maybe it's some type of leavening affect with sugars in the carbohydrates...

or maybe the saponification effect of the fats and a base like baking soda... but then we'd have a soap and the brisket doesn't look like a soap.

My head is hurting...
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