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WooPig: Flashflood's info about finding out your public IP address is a good tip. Then, use your phone with the wifi turned completely off to access the CyberQ Wifi based on the public address. You need to use your carrier's data plan for this. In the browser of the phone, type in that public IP address and you should see your CyberQ Wifi if you set up port forwarding correctly. If you use your phone's wifi in your house, you won't be able to tell if you set up port forwarding correctly because it will pick up the wifi signal and probably use that first to connect.

Question about port forwarding: Did you set up the IP of the CyberQ wifi to be static or reserved (meaning the router always gives it the same IP address)? That's what you need, not your computer to be static. Your phone will be getting the web page from your CyberQ Wifi, not your computer. Your computer is completely out of the picture here and can be turned off for setting up and cooking.

Also, for the static address of the CyberQ Wifi, are you now forwarding all web requests (aka port 80) traffic to it? That step will connect your public address to the private address of the CyberQ Wifi. Any traffic that comes in from the Internet on port 80 will be "port forwarded" to the CyberQ Wifi. Hence, it's called port forwarding.
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